Mugi Dish Wash - pH: 7-8
Product Advantages

Multi-purpose dishwashing detergent
Removes dirt & stains from dishes, pots, pans, glassware
Cuts through backed-on grease
Powerful cleaning with sparkling shine
Leaves a pleasant fragrance of lemon
Recommended for light duty cleaning tasks on hard surfaces, walls and benches

Mugi- Dish Wash Concentrate - pH: 7-8
Product Advantages

Concentrate Gel cuts through grease to leave dishes sparkling. It is very safe to hands. Removes heavy build ups of fats, oils and grease that has been baked on due to heat or age. Leaves a pleasant fragrance of lemon.

Mugi Metal Polisher - pH: 1.5-3
Product Advantages

Specially formulated to remove staining & corrosion to stainless steel surfaces
Cuts / Dissolves high level scaling (Lime / Calcium deposits) by hard water
Powerful cleaning with sparkling shine
Recommended for use on surfaces like chrome, brass, Aluminium, glass and plastic, wall tiles & floor tiles

Container: 5 Ltr.